Vietnam Top Impressions

As with other countries we have visited such as China and Myanmar  we also want to share some of our top impressions for Vietnam in this post!                        

Thoughts on Vietnam

We started a series of blog posts where we summarize a few of our observations after having spent a few weeks in a country. This is not an academic exercise but rather our personal thoughts and observations. Please see here for our thoughts on China and Myanmar. Below are our main observations on Vietnam. 1... Continue Reading →

Religion & Belief in Vietnam

We have spent more than four weeks traveling this beautiful country. When it comes to religion we were mostly surprised by two things: there are really a lot of churches here and so many people have a house altar. Christianity and the amazing number of churches in the Central Highlands Christianity was first introduced to... Continue Reading →

Top tasty treats // Vietnam

Were to even start? Vietnamese food is a dream. We had known about how great Pho noodle soup was before coming here from the Vietnamese restaurants in Berlin. However, Vietnamese cuisine is much more complicated than that. Due to the amazing variety and balance in its flavors, it shot up straight near the top of... Continue Reading →

Solving the Vietnamese Coffee Puzzle

We both really like coffee. Before coming to Vietnam we read that this country is a coffee paradise with cafés everywhere. Since we did not find a lot of good coffee in Myanmar, we were really looking forward to the tasty black liquid. And indeed we were not disappointed, because "cà phê" is everywhere in... Continue Reading →

Uber Überall – GRABing Attention

Taking a normal taxi in Vietnam often is an adventurours affair. There are plenty stories about taxis with fake meters that go too fast or taxi drivers who simply drive away without giving back the change. However, the new ride-hailing apps Uber and Grab now offer a great alternative for everybody with a smartphone. Uber... Continue Reading →

Typhoon Downtime on Con Dao

We spend Christmas day hiding in our cozy hotel room in Con Son. Somehow we had been (kind of) surprised by the approaching typhoon Tembin despite checking the weather forecast every day. Google weather does not explicitly mention typhoons, hence we were a bit surprised when reading about the coming tropical storm on of... Continue Reading →

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