Bumpy Busrides and Lessons in Patience

Infrastructure in Myanmar needs a serious upgrade. For decades the government had not really bothered investing in much, neither education, health care nor maintained basic road infrastructure very well. There are some ferries on the Irrawaddy, but they are slow and the only viable route is Mandalay-Bagan or vice versa. As trains are actually from... Continue Reading →

Manual Labour in Myanmar

Myanmar remains one of the poorest countries in Asia – approximately 26% of the country’s 51 million people live in poverty. The isolationist policies and economic mismanagement of previous governments have left the country with countless problems including poor infrastructure, corruption, underdeveloped human resources, and inadequate access to capital, just to name a few. About... Continue Reading →

Interesting Fact: Japanese cars in Myanmar

You are in Mandalay, the second biggest city of Myanmar and you hear automated voices in Japanese shouting "this vehicle is moving backwards". You jump into a taxi and another Japanese voice greets you: "please enter the correct memory card for the GPS navigation". Whilst this might amuse curious tourists, these Japanese voices are symptoms... Continue Reading →

Tourist Spectacle Monk’s Lunch

As part of a pre-arranged tour from Mandalay we visited the Maha Ganayon Kyaung Monastery, which is one Myanmar's most important monastic education centers. It was advertised to us that we were able to watch the monks have lunch at around 10.15. Watching monks each lunch?!? If this sounds a bit weird - let us... Continue Reading →

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