Thoughts on Myanmar

Similar to our observations of what is currently happening in China, with this post we would like to share and summarize a few observations of our 3.5 weeks in Myanmar: Myanmar is both less and more developed than we had thought The people are incredibly friendly and open (if you do not want to talk... Continue Reading →

Grocery Shopping in Myanmar

One of the things that really amazed us in Myanmar was the way people do their grocery shopping. In Europe we usually go to the supermarket or, increasingly, even buy our groceries online. Well, here in Myanmar our impression is that most of the shopping is (still) done by either going to a local market... Continue Reading →

Top Tasty Treats Myanmar

Myanmar is a poor country. Most people do hard work in the fields or other forms of manual labour. So food is more a necessity for most people than a complex social practice. (In other words people have more important concerns than chasing down the best noodle soup.) While its cuisine is less varied and... Continue Reading →

Incredible Inle Lake – All Aboard

Inle Lake is one of Myanmar's most interesting and popular tourist attractions. Before going there I (Tanja) was skeptical, because I have seen many beautiful lakes in Austria and Berlin and frankly I have become a bit of a lake snob. So I was pleasantly surprised to be very wrong this time. In my head... Continue Reading →

A Day in Breathtaking Bagan

Bagan is probably one the most incredible religious sites in the world. From the 9th to the 13th century, the city was the capital of the Pagan Kingdom, the first kingdom that unified the regions that would later make up modern Myanmar. During the kingdom's height between the 11th and 13th century, over 10,000 Buddhist... Continue Reading →

Dressing Up Myanmar Style

One of the first things visitors to Myanmar will notice is how Burmese people dress differently from the rest of the world. It is great to see that many people are (still) dressing in a traditional and thus typical Myanmar way. Probably the two key features are the longyi (a kind of kilt/ long tube... Continue Reading →

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