First Stop: Berlin Kreuzberg

Every good trip around the world should include Berlin. This why we chose Kreuzberg as our first detination! 😉 Oh and also because we need a place to stay before we leave for China and our amazing friends D & T offered us their couch. So we have already made this place our new home... Continue Reading →

On the move…

Our journey begins! Since we are subletting our apartment as of October 1st we have spent the better part of the last week moving all our stuff out of the aparment. We saved the most exciting part for last: finally packing our backpacks! Even though we will only fly to China in about 2 weeks,... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Berlin…

Berlin. Not just an amazing city. Berlin is an attitude, a lifestyle. Berlin means you are free, you yourself decide what you want and you also let others decide what they want. Also, Berlin is simply so full of contradictions that you have to experience it yourself. Just take Görlitzer Park as an example: within... Continue Reading →

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