Being a tourist in China

Being a tourist in China is quite different from what we usually experience in our European weekend getaways. And it is sooo much fun! 🙂 1. Awesome diversity Since China is huge, it has many truely amazing places to see from high mountains, steep gorges to sandy deserts, natural wonders abound in this country. Moreover... Continue Reading →

Breathing (Thin) Tibetan Air

At the moment third-country foreigners in China are not allowed to enter Tibet without a tour group visa or a special permit. But the north of Yunnan is part of the Tibetan plateau and home to a large population of ethnic Tibetans. We took a bus from Lijiang to Shangri-la along slowly winding roads that... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on China

We have spent the last six weeks travelling through this amazing country and have collected countless memories. We also spoke to many, many locals and always tried to understand as much as possible about each place. In this post we want to summarize a few of our thoughts. Bear in mind though that this is... Continue Reading →

Religion in China

Ideas have always possessed an extraordinary potency and vitality in China. If you travel through the country you will inevitably stumble across numerous temples and other places if religious activities. It is fascinating to see how various religions and philosophies have developed and interacted. For a more detailed overview, here is the link to Wikipedia. We... Continue Reading →

Everyday China

China is such an amazing country with countless highlights for tourists. However, what is probably most fascinating for a foreigner is everyday life... Depending on where you are, especially in a big city or on the countryside, life can be so different! Below we therefore want to show a few glimpses of how we captured... Continue Reading →

A Dong Village

Today, October 30th, we woke up to a golden peaceful view of rice and tea fields. We arrived in the Dong village District of Chenyang near Sanjiang the city of the three rivers in the north of the province of Guanxi. The Dong are China's 9th biggest minority group with about 3 million people living clustered in the area... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Shanxi (山西)

Shanxi (山西 - "west of the mountains") is a province located in northern China. You might have never heard about it but we spent a few days there and had the most amazing time! 😄 The province is home to 36m people and is nearly twice the size of Austria. In this post we'd like to... Continue Reading →

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