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I (Christoph) love photography and especially taking pictures of people. Establishing eye contact, confirming if it is ok to take a photo and then waiting for the perfect moment – what an amazing way to communicate with people even if you don’t speak the same language!

Below is a (hopefully constantly growing 🙂 ) collection of some of the pictures I took of people during our trip.


Balinese Hindu during a ceremony at the Besakih Temple in Bali
A local rice farmer in the highlands of Toraja on Sulawesi
Local village leader at a Tana Toraja funeral on Sulawesi

The Philippines

My very gay and fun barber and his employee in Manila


Slightly scary looking sunny boy in Fort Kochi, Kerala, India
Lady in a ginger factory in Fort Kochi, Kerala, India


Carrying stuff on a bamboo pole in Hoi An
Lady preparing vegetables in Nha Trang
Need a motorbike taxi?
Typical street scene in Ho Chi Minh City
Celebrating Christmas on the remote island of Con Dao in Vietnam! 🙂


dsc07550 inle lake-01-1356361775..jpg
Enjoying her work! 🙂 (@Inle Lake)
DSC07838 Inle Lake-01.jpeg
Producing cherokee cigars & looking after her son… @Inle Lake


dsc06616bagan min nan thu village-02-2046846491..jpg
A lady producing yarn out of locally grown cotton in Bagan


dsc05923 mandalay~21146319884..jpg
Mandalay Soccer Club!


dsc05935 mandalay~2-2045631033..jpg
Children enjoying a day off school together in Mandaly


dsc06025 maha ganayon kyaung-01-1817230956..jpg
A baby in a monastery close to Mandalay


Fun character in Kalaw



A snapshot in a bus in Shangri-la, Yunnan


This lady was selling just about anything on the hike through the Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan


Baisha, Yunnan. He was picking small seeds and just had the most wonderful smile! 😃


A lady selling food next to the Dragon Bridge in Yuangshuo, Guangxi


Taken at a local market in Guanxi


2 generations in a village of the Dong minority in Guangxi



A lady producing and selling tea in Chengyang, Guangxi


Near Yangtse Three Gorges Dam, a lady selling corn


dsc03456~2 chongqing vegetable market-67501991..jpg
Vegetable market in Chongqing


Beijing, Temple of Heaven


Beijing, Temple of Heaven



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