Typhoon Downtime on Con Dao

We spend Christmas day hiding in our cozy hotel room in Con Son. Somehow we had been (kind of) surprised by the approaching typhoon Tembin despite checking the weather forecast every day. Google weather does not explicitly mention typhoons, hence we were a bit surprised when reading about the coming tropical storm on orf.at of... Continue Reading →

The Universality of Soccer

We are sitting in a small roadside cafe in Con Son. This quiet place is the main town of the remote Con Dao Islands and has about 6000 inhabitants. The rest of the coffee shop is full of teenage boys drinking pepsi or cold coffee and screaming passionately (although Vietnamese sounds pretty screechy to us)... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Myanmar

Similar to our observations of what is currently happening in China, with this post we would like to share and summarize a few observations of our 3.5 weeks in Myanmar: Myanmar is both less and more developed than we had thought The people are incredibly friendly and open (if you do not want to talk... Continue Reading →

Grocery Shopping in Myanmar

One of the things that really amazed us in Myanmar was the way people do their grocery shopping. In Europe we usually go to the supermarket or, increasingly, even buy our groceries online. Well, here in Myanmar our impression is that most of the shopping is (still) done by either going to a local market... Continue Reading →

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