Borneo Murut Adventures

We have to admit that before coming to Borneo we did not really have a clue about what to expect here. The word "Borneo" somehow sounded very exotic to us but apart from rain forest we did not associate anything else with it. However, before coming here we met a few other travelers who told... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on the Philippines

We are so happy to have been able to spend three weeks on the Philippines. Well, this easy going, happy country was definitely a surprise highlight of our trip around the world! The place we visited on Palawan and Luzon not only had stunning scenery, but also truely cool people. As with other countries we... Continue Reading →

Top tasty treats // Philippines

The Philippines were settled by the Austronesians. So the origins of the local cooking methods are similar to neighboring Malaysia and Indonesia. However, since the Philippines were a Spanish colony for more than 300 years and then under US control, their cuisine has absorbed techniques and flavors from Spanish, Latin and US American cooking, as... Continue Reading →

Food Aesthetics in Japan

Japan is a country with a great attention to detail and beauty. Everybody who has been there will remember that aesthetics play a big role in every aspect of life. Food is no exception to this. We only spent a few days in Tokyo as part of our trip around the world but still tried... Continue Reading →

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