24 Hours in Copacabana, Bolivia

On our way by bus from Puno in Peru to La Paz in Bolivia we decided to take a 24h travel break in the small town of Copacabana. Most tourists stop here to visit Isla del Sol, the legendary origin of the Incas. We, however, ended up staying in town only, skipping the island. As... Continue Reading →

Top Tasty Treats // Peru

Peru has an amazing cuisine that blends together the varied geography with cooking methods of the many people that have passed through and settled here throughout history. Not only different regions, but also altitude determines the taste of what is grown in Peru. The country can be divided into three main zones: the coastal desert... Continue Reading →

Peru Top Impressions

Here we go again! After spending roughly a month in Peru, we want to share our top impressions and photos we took. As you can see, Peru is a country of amazing diversity...

Vietnam Top Impressions

As with other countries we have visited such as China and Myanmar  we also want to share some of our top impressions for Vietnam in this post!                        

Thoughts on Vietnam

We started a series of blog posts where we summarize a few of our observations after having spent a few weeks in a country. This is not an academic exercise but rather our personal thoughts and observations. Please see here for our thoughts on China and Myanmar. Below are our main observations on Vietnam. 1... Continue Reading →

Religion & Belief in Vietnam

We have spent more than four weeks traveling this beautiful country. When it comes to religion we were mostly surprised by two things: there are really a lot of churches here and so many people have a house altar. Christianity and the amazing number of churches in the Central Highlands Christianity was first introduced to... Continue Reading →

Solving the Vietnamese Coffee Puzzle

We both really like coffee. Before coming to Vietnam we read that this country is a coffee paradise with cafés everywhere. Since we did not find a lot of good coffee in Myanmar, we were really looking forward to the tasty black liquid. And indeed we were not disappointed, because "cà phê" is everywhere in... Continue Reading →

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