Top tasty treats // Colombia

Food in Colombia was, to be completely honest, a little bit more boring than we expected. Many dishes are similar to other former Spanish colonies. That means that standard lunch meals include rice and chicken, rice and fried pork, rice and plantains, and in some areas beans and other vegetables. Usually meals are also accompanied... Continue Reading →

Top tasty treats // Bolivia

After having spend a few weeks in the highlands, we have not managed to eat as much local food in Bolivia as in other places. Bolivia's Altiplano cuisine is rather straight forward and unlike in neighbouring Peru, there has not been a very notable Gastronomie revolution. To be fair, people in Bolivia have other worries... Continue Reading →

Impressions of Corpus Christi in Cusco

As part of our trip through Peru we were lucky enough to be in Cusco during the festivities of Corpus Christi. It is one of the most important festivities in the old Andean city. Already during the days preceding the holiday we saw many preparations happening, mostly around Cusco's main square, the Plaza Mayor. We... Continue Reading →

Top tasty treats // Philippines

The Philippines were settled by the Austronesians. So the origins of the local cooking methods are similar to neighboring Malaysia and Indonesia. However, since the Philippines were a Spanish colony for more than 300 years and then under US control, their cuisine has absorbed techniques and flavors from Spanish, Latin and US American cooking, as... Continue Reading →

Food Aesthetics in Japan

Japan is a country with a great attention to detail and beauty. Everybody who has been there will remember that aesthetics play a big role in every aspect of life. Food is no exception to this. We only spent a few days in Tokyo as part of our trip around the world but still tried... Continue Reading →

Six Reasons to visit Taibei

Taiwan and especially the capital Taibei is an awesome place to say hello to East Asia for the first time. Even if you are a well-seasoned Asia traveler, Taibei will wow you with its delicious local food, high mountain tea plantations, hip caf├ęs, innovative bars and restaurants, good museums and bookshops, hiking through lush green... Continue Reading →

Top tasty treats // Vietnam

Were to even start? Vietnamese food is a dream. We had known about how great Pho noodle soup was before coming here from the Vietnamese restaurants in Berlin. However, Vietnamese cuisine is much more complicated than that. Due to the amazing variety and balance in its flavors, it shot up straight near the top of... Continue Reading →

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