Cartagena de Indios – Picture Perfect

Cartagena is a beautiful town of about a million people on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Once an important harbour, many people came here during the domestic crisis of the last decades to find peace. Nowadays it is a bustling city of about 1m people as well as (at least the old town) a magnet for tourists. Direct connections to the US make Cartagena the perfect getaway for Americans – on our trip so far in Asian and South America hardly have we seen more of them. Cartagena is colorful and an ideal place to wander around without getting lost… šŸ™‚

Colombians seem to love the colors of their flag! šŸ™‚
Fancy some fruits? Or do you prefer enjoying street art…?
Beautiful colors in the old town

Cartagena is a place for street art enthusiasts…
… as well as any kind of street art photography
This piece of street art is called “Las Tres Guerreras”
A colorful mural on the wall of a Maria Mulata, the official bird of Cartagena
Cartagena – City of Hope!
One of the endless and beautiful street signs in the old town

Colors of Columbia’s flag can be found everywhere
Typical sight in Cartagena – beautiful wodden balconies and colored walls
More colors on Calle 37…

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