Best of Bolivia: Our Top Impressions

Bolivia, a country of striking beauty is any photographer’s dream. We certainly had an amazing time exploring various parts of the country and getting to know the people. Below we include some more and some some less stereotypical impressions of our three week journey through Bolivia:

Most buildings in Bolivia are not painted – they still can be colorful…
View of the Cordillera Blanca Andean mountain range from our bus just before arriving in La Paz
View down from the teleferico cable car in La Paz
The yellow line of the teleferico in La Paz with great views of the city
Llama fetuses are an important item in local witch markets…
Traffic zebras can be found in many cities and are surprisingly social creatures…!
Cierro Rico in Potisí – one if the world’s most important silver mines
La Paz from above 1/2
La Paz from above 2/2
Incredible beauty on our trip from Uyuni to northern Chile

Huge cacti in the Uyuni Saltflats
No saltflats visit without perspective pics!
One of several incredible monolithic statues in Tiwanaku

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  1. A Wahnsinn, so traumhafte Bilder, alle voll begeistert. Danke! Bussi, Bussi

    Von meinem Samsung Galaxy Smartphone gesendet.


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