Uyuni to San Pedro – A Photographer’s Paradise

It seems that for our stay in Bolivia we saved the best for the end: A three-day tour organized by Salty Desert Expeditions from Uyuni in Bolivia to San Pedro de Atacama in Chile. This trip in a 4×4-Jeep turned out to be an amazingly beautiful journey through incredible and very diverse landscapes. It was also simply great fun as we had awesome guides and really cool fellow passengers.

It is hard to describe this part of our planet in words so we include some impressions below. The Uyuni Saltflats felt like a mix of a movie set for blue-screen scenes (everyone taking those funny perspective photos) and a place from a different planet. Driving through perfectly cone-shaped volcanoes and walking through boiling geysiers felt like travelling backwards in time to a planet earth that is still in its formation phase. Seeing green and yellow lagoons with flamingos inside and volcanoes in the back simply felt breathtaking and like a once-in-your-lifetime memory and photo-opportunity… Then, there also was this magic moment, witnessing a gigantic moon rising behind the volcanoes, sitting in a 37 degrees natural hot spring… Simply and truly an unforgettable moment!

Thanks a lot to the guys from Salty Desert Expeditions who made this incredible journey possible.

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