24 Hours in Copacabana, Bolivia

On our way by bus from Puno in Peru to La Paz in Bolivia we decided to take a 24h travel break in the small town of Copacabana. Most tourists stop here to visit Isla del Sol, the legendary origin of the Incas. We, however, ended up staying in town only, skipping the island. As so often during our trip, it was great simply to get a coffee, try to speak with the locals and soak up the atmosphere. We had a wonderful pizza made by an American couple who has been here already for five years. They turned ouy to be incredible hosts and told us a lot about the town, the Titicaca Lake region and also the whole country of Bolivia. Since it was only our second day in the country this was the perfect introduction for us.

Copacabana also turned out to be an amazing opportunity for street photography. Despite the influx of tourists the local life seems to continue as usual and many women wear beautiful and colorful traditional clothes. Below we include a few impressions of our short but interesting stay.

Our hostel! Built up on a hill we enjoyed a great view
Typical street scene in Copacabana
Elderly women having a good time in Copacabana
Local women enjoying a chat

This lady owns a small shop or “tienda” and agreed to have a portrait taken
This is the way to buy vegetables here!
Courtyard of the Cathedral of Copacabana
As colorful as buildings get here…
Neighborhood of our hostel up on the hill behind town
Typical view in Bolivia and Peru – drying laundry on top of an unfinished building

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