Peru Top Impressions

Here we go again! After spending roughly a month in Peru, we want to share our top impressions and photos we took. As you can see, Peru is a country of amazing diversity…

Hiking in the Colca Canyon
Pre-Inca agriculture terraces in Colca Canyon
Weaving is considered a cultural heritage in Peru
Volcanoe “Misit”, just north of Arequipa – elevation 5.822m
Spot the VW Beetle! 🙂
Amazing pyramid shaped mountain in the desert next to Huaca de la Luna (#filter)
Inside the incredible temple of Chavin de Huanta
Colorful and mystic Santa Catalina Monastery in Arequipa
Machu Picchu Selfie-Spot…
No caption needed… 🙂
Amazing Mountain of Colors near Cusco
No comment… 🙂
Desert landscape at sunset near Huaca del Brujo
Incredible Lake Querococha at 3.980m near Huaraz

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