Lima Peru – A City With Many Faces

For both of us Lima was the entry door to South America – our first trip to this continet. As a consequence of multiple coincidences (or were they?) we ended up staying a week in Peru’s capital – certainly longer than our initial (to be frank quite vague) plan.

Probably the highlight here was the food. Lima has a great selection of amazing restaurants and we enjoyed some delicious Ceviche. The other highlight were all the interactions with the locals. We enjoyed using our rusty Spanish, chatting about the weather, food, coffee, all the new fruits that grow here etc… Everyone here is so open and talkative!

If we are honest, our first impression was that we found the city itself quite bleak, run down and grey. However, to be fair, how you perceive a city (and especially Lima) depends a lot on the weather. The first few days were extremely foggy most of the time. Once the sun was out the city felt more alive and colorful. Since this is also our first trip it is probably hard to appreciate how much has changed over the last few decades…

Below we include some impressions that show the various different faces of Lima – this city can really be portrayed from multiple different angles…

Everyone was celebrating Mother’s day in the historic city center
People playing a game on the street close to Plaza Mayor
Barranco has a great number of cool street art
More Barranco street art
Incredibly old VW Beetles can be found everywhere in Lima
Rare moments when the sun was revealing beautiful colors
Lima has no metro but colorful buses go everywhere
North of the city center a “favela” was built on a hill overlooking Lima
A street in the pueblo joven (shanty town) of Villa El Salvador
View from the roof of our first accommodation in Callao, next to the airport
Many houses seem to be unfinished in Callao
Larcomar Shopping Center in Miraflores

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