10 Pictures that Show it is More Fun in the Philippines

A friend of ours told us the Filipinos are the Latinos of Southeast Asia. Yes, the people here seem to have a lot of fun every day. Life feels more colorful, easy-going and chilled out than in other places. People randomly burst out into song at work, start a friendly chat with random passing strangers (like us), the local Jeepneys are painted brightly and show everything from dramatic biblical figures to soft porn. When you take a picture of someone, they actually pose for you.

“It is more fun in the Philippines” – Official tourism slogan

The official tourism slogan on the Philippines is “It is more fun in the Philippines”. Well, we can only subscribe to this! We had a blast and here are 10 pics that hopefully show how much fun this country is! ๐Ÿ™‚

A random vegetable seller on the streets of Manila enjoying himself
The lady on the right was actually dancing a minute before
Obviously having a great time after he saw us with our camera… ๐Ÿ™‚
Wooha! I am the fastest!
There seems to be a genuine contest going on who has the coolest Jeepney design!
Coolest gang ever! Flute, candy and a tiny basketball!
Adidas vegetable dealer – delivering all the the greens you need…
Crew enjoying themselves on the TAO expedition north of Palawan
In the countryside people (mostly tourists) have a lot of fun enjoying a ride on top of Jeepneys
Even a random street in Manila is so colorful!
Tanja getting a fish on Palawan from the local fishermen to pose for a picture (not my idea) – funny guy watching in the back…

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