5 Days Tokyo in 15 Pictures

We had the privilege of spending five days in Tokyo as part of our trip. The idea was to meet as many friends and eat as much good food as possible. In this post we want to share a few impressions of our short stay in this fascinating city.

Freezing cold! Thank god you can buy heat packs for all body parts everywhere  in Tokyo
Sensoji Temple @Asakusa – tourists in Kimonos everywhere… 🙂
Beautiful afternoon sun at the Meiji Shrine (#filter)
“Ema” wooden plaques where people can record their wishes
“Ema” at the Meiji Shrine
Part of the entry gate for the Meiji Shrine
As you can see, we enjoyed visiting the Meiji Shrine… 🙂
Sake barrels in the afternoon sun


Tanja is about to be told off for taking this picture by the strict grey lady in the back
Gorilla Curry!!!
Origami cranes – a symbol for good luck in Japan
A beautiful graveyard we randomly walked into
Typical street scene in Japan with many cables everywhere
Tokyo teenage shopping day dreams
One Piece!

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  1. I’m following you guys — first Vietnam (I didn’t blog about it since I’m trying to stay ‘pure’ on my China blog. Maybe a comparison piece at some point), and now I’m heading to Japan for a week at the end of the month. Already I’m having heart failure over the cost of Japan — Tokyo, then Kyoto, then a temple stay at Mt. Koya for us. Hope your trip continues to excite!

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