Best of Myanmar: Our Top 10 Impressions!

We were privileged enough to spend a bit more than 3 weeks in the most beautiful country of Myanmar. Below we included some of the impressions we collected.

dsc06738 bagan-01-1625322440..jpg
Sunrise in Bagan
Colonial style building in Yenangyaun (#filter)
dsc07938 nyuang shwe~2-1461365084..jpg
Christoph crossing a bridge near Inle Lake
Fish seller near Inle Lake
Streets of Yangon


DSC08358Yangon Banana Wholesale Market~2.JPG
Yangon Banana & Coconut Wholesale Market
Ploughing the fields with flip-flops
dsc08222 yangon shwedagon-1629280905..jpg
Monks at Shwedagon Pagoda
dsc08172 yangon shwedagon~21081796752..jpg
People born Wednesday morning at Shwedagon Pagoda
dsc06616bagan min nan thu village-011416148078..jpg
Producing cotton yarn in Bagan

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