Grocery Shopping in Myanmar

One of the things that really amazed us in Myanmar was the way people do their grocery shopping. In Europe we usually go to the supermarket or, increasingly, even buy our groceries online. Well, here in Myanmar our impression is that most of the shopping is (still) done by either going to a local market or to small corner shops. The only real shopping malls we found were in Mandalay, Nay Pie Taw and Yangon and even there we only found a handful… Below we would like to take you on a photo journey and go grocery shopping with you! 🙂

Small corner shops

Wherever you go in Myanmar you will find small shops with one person sitting inside, selling stuff. Most of the stuff is hanging from the ceiling, including potatoe chips, instant coffee as well as shampoo…. We found these shops very convenient because a) there was never one far away, and b) they seem to have everything you need!

dsc06960 yengangyaung~2-1227339580..jpg
Typical small shop, built out of bamboo
DSC06969 Yengangyaung~2.JPG
All you need is just hanging there!
DSC07135 Yengangyaung~2.JPG
Noodles haning from the ceiling in a small shop in Yenangyaun
dsc07728 inle lake~2-439793186..jpg
Small shop on Inle Lake only accessible by boat


Local markets or on food the street

Every small village has a local market in Myanmar. For photography-crazy tourists they are an amazing paradise of colorful picture opportunities! For us at least it was quite exotic to see people simply sitting on the street, having the things they want to sell laid out in front of them.

Vegetable market in Mandalay
Check out the tool they use to hand over the vegetables and money!
Street scene in Yangon


Shopping Malls

Yes, they do exist here as well! However, there are really only a handful and they are quite expensive. We really enjoyed exploring them though because we felt the products in offer were not the usual international standard stuff but more local/ regional things as well.

One of the few malls in Nay Piy Taw
Looks like home

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