Everyday China

China is such an amazing country with countless highlights for tourists. However, what is probably most fascinating for a foreigner is everyday life… Depending on where you are, especially in a big city or on the countryside, life can be so different!

Below we therefore want to show a few glimpses of how we captured normal life in China:

Exercising…, or not? The lady is using a work out facility in Kunming, Yunnan. Generally you can find many, mostly old, people using these places in the morning or evening to work out and chat with their friends.

Similarly, Chinese women often meet in parks in the evening and dance together! πŸ˜„

Also, if you get up early, you see people practicing Tai Chi in many parks…

Look twice! πŸ˜‰ A street scene in Kunming, Yunnan with a dance studio.

Our hypothesis is that many official places employ too many people. Thus, we often saw employees being very bored and playing with their phones… Below a Bai lady an Xizhou, Yunnan, a village known for its Bai architecture.

We see so many old women performing tough work everyday!

Well, actually we just see many old people working a lot. In smaller villages you can really see that so many young people went to the big cities…

Chinese simply love to eat! Old town in Chongqing… πŸ˜‰

People eating a fish BBQ in Dali, Yunnan.

Markets are a wonderful way to experience life in China and there are so many of them… Below in Yangdi, Gunagxi. Looking for a chicken?

Wanna buy some rice?

Ofo bikes to rent are everywhere…

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