Best of Bolivia: Our Top Impressions

Bolivia, a country of striking beauty is any photographer's dream. We certainly had an amazing time exploring various parts of the country and getting to know the people. Below we include some more and some some less stereotypical impressions of our three week journey through Bolivia:

Top tasty treats // Bolivia

After having spend a few weeks in the highlands, we have not managed to eat as much local food in Bolivia as in other places. Bolivia's Altiplano cuisine is rather straight forward and unlike in neighbouring Peru, there has not been a very notable Gastronomie revolution. To be fair, people in Bolivia have other worries... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Bolivia

In some areas little has changed in hundreds of years Well, we obviously were not here a hundred years ago but women in Andean towns and villages probably at that time looked very similar, wearing colorful clothes, often carrying a baby on their back. But there are other aspects of life in Bolivia as well... Continue Reading →

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